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Halloween 2018

It all started with a funny idea to scare the youth of the church community. The underlying idea was that we wanted to create a group of them, that might come back more often.

From a fun brainstorm with crazy ideas, it continued into a storyboard of what this halloween fright tour should look like. From that moment on we just started producing.

It's been a wonderful evening filled with a lot of screams and laughter, mission accomplished.

Thanks to all the actors, RK Amstelland for supporting us and the talents of Talenten aan de Slag for helping us where needed.


1 idee.jpg
2 storyboard.jpg

Routing ideas and storyboard

A few scenes from the route

4 kerkhof.jpg


On the graveyard is a mourning, crying lady. She sounds hysterical and screams when she sees the demon rising from the grave. She screams and scares all the visitors further into the night.


Witch garden

By knocking on the door, it magically opens. Rising from a green mist a witch appears out of nowhere. She asks weird and strange questions, tries to make you fly on a broom...

8 horrorclown.JPG

Clown domain

Entering a colorful space, nauseating cheerful music fills the room. Waiting for you to approach a clown jumps in the ball pit and starts attacking. Distracted, visitors scream when a second harmonica playing clown appears.

Children's room

Mom reads a bedtime story to her little girl. She kisses her goodnight and turns the light off. The girl starts to scream in fear, where did her mommy go? Where did all these monsters come from?

5 horrorkamer.jpg
7 nachtkastje.JPG
6 groepsfoto.jpg

Thanks to all the actors!

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